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13 million working days are lost each year due to work related stress, anxiety and depression.
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If you work around Leeds, Bradford or Halifax, Spa@Work is here to help.

We can help you:

  • Reduce recruitment costs and staff turnover.
  • Improve performance & productivity.
  • Re-energise staff during busy times.
  • Provide a new way to reward staff.
  • Improve staff morale and create a more positive team.

Welcome to Spa @ Work

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Are you tired of being on the daily treadmill of going to work? Work should be fun and enjoyable....Read the following to find how we can help you!

Why we created Spa @ Work?

Spa @ Work was set up after receiving constant requests for relief on neck, shoulder and back areas due to poor posture while spending many hours at a computer terminal, telephone operating position or at the wheel of a vehicle.

Gillian Wood from Vita Lease Lend-Sheffield wrote " We are a very busy office with some staff travelling an 80 mile round trip daily. We start early and often finish late, and don't always have the time to relax, and take care of ourselves.
Spa @ Work has provided us with a solution. 0ur "Julie" days have become special to us,and cannot overstate the convenience of having our treatments at work at a time that suits us. Inviting Spa @Work into your officeis to invite peace and calm, and thinking time which everyone will benefit"

Why you will love it!

  • Get excited about going into work.
  • Ease tension before the condition grows.
  • Turn your break times in to a real treat.
  • Treatments are suitable for males & females.

Back Pain

Back pain causes more people to take time off work than any other medical condition, and unfortunately conventional medical treatments for it are very limited.

Why not try our hot stone massage? The deep heat can penetrate relieve stiff aching muscles ten times more than manual massage can!

Prevent back pain happening to you and your employees!

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